Effortlessly manage every aspect of your educational institution with our School Management Solution. From student enrollment to grading and communication, we provide a comprehensive platform for efficient school administration

Femish School-App (Go Paperless)
Femish School-App (Go Paperless)
Femish School-App (Go Paperless)

Femish School-App is the most reliable All-In-One School Management Solution your school can ever subscribe to.

It is a robust, role-based system that automates all your school processes easily, thereby reducing stress and saving costs.

The goal is to do away with the traditional approach of doing things the manual way, spending alot of money on paper work and then embrace the modern way of getting the same things done but in a faster, stress-free and cost-efficient way. Hence, the term (Go Paperless).

Benefits of Femish School-App to School Owners

1. Track Financial Status across different locations at a glance

2. Know the number of students/pupils in each school location at a glance

3. Don't have to be in the school to know what's going on

4. Eliminate/Reduce paper work and money spent on printers

5. Improve income and staff productivity

Benefits of Femish School-App to Teachers

1. Can work anywhere, anytime

2. Stress-free assessment computation

3. Calculations and comments are automated

4. Student result and Broadsheets ready in the twinkle of an eye

Benefits of Femish School-App to Parents

1. Track child/children academic performance status at a glance

2. View invoices, payments and receipts for each of their children

3. Communicate with the school via the platform

4. View their children results electronically

We have subscribers from different states in Nigeria. Don't be left behind, contact us today and "Go Paperless".