Welcome to Femish IT, your gateway to a diverse range of cutting-edge Information Technology services. We take pride in delivering solutions that transcend expectations, and our service offerings are crafted with precision and innovation to propel your business and organization forward. Our services includes but not limited to the following:


Experience bespoke software solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our Software Analysis & Development services blend innovation with precision, delivering applications that enhance efficiency, scalability, and security for your business.
Transform Your Operations with a Custom Software.


Unlock the full potential of your team with Femish IT's IT Training programs. From foundational concepts to advanced skills, our training modules cater to individuals and corporations seeking to thrive in the dynamic world of Information Technology.
Elevate your expertise.


Revitalize your business processes for maximum efficiency. Our Business Process Re-engineering services analyze, optimize, and implement transformative changes to drive agility and enhance overall performance.
Revolutionize Your Business Processes.


Unlock global recognition for your skills with Femish IT's International Certification Examination services. Prepare for and take internationally recognized certification exams to validate your expertise.
Prepare for International Certifications.

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Stay connected with your audience on the go. Our Mobile Application Development services bring your ideas to life, creating user-friendly and feature-rich apps that resonate with today's mobile-centric world.
Innovate Your Business with Mobile Apps.


Ensure seamless connectivity and robust server performance with our Network Provisioning & Server Management services. From design to maintenance, we optimize your network infrastructure for optimal efficiency.
Optimize Your Network with Femish IT Expertise.


Navigate the complexities of project execution with our Project Management expertise. From initiation to completion, Femish IT ensures your projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with the highest quality standards.
Optimize & Manage Your Projects.


Make a lasting online impression with Femish IT's Web Design services. Our creative and user-centric designs ensure that your digital presence not only captivates but also converts.
Craft Your Digital Presence with Femish IT.

Why Femish IT?

We are a firm of IT Consultants, System Developers and System Integrators providing IT services to customers cutting across the public and private sectors of the economy including the Nigerian government, Business communities etc. The company was incorporated by a group of qualified and highly experienced Nigerians who are committed to providing quality, professional, customised and timely service to clients.
Innovation Meets Precision: Our solutions are crafted with a perfect blend of innovation and precision.
Skilled Professionals: A team of experts dedicated to delivering excellence in every project.
Tailored Solutions: Customized services to meet the unique needs of each client.
Proven Results: Demonstrated success in enhancing operations and driving business growth.

Our Developed Solutions

 School Management

 Hotel Management

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

 Hospital Management

 Inventory Management

 Human Resource Management (HRM)

 Multi-Level Marketing System

 Property Management

 Asset Management

 Document Management

Ready to Transform your Business?

Take the first step towards a technology-driven future. Explore our services and discover how Femish IT can elevate your business to new heights.
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Effortlessly manage every aspect of your educational institution with our School Management Solution. From student enrollment to grading and communication, we provide a comprehensive platform for efficient school administration

Femish School-App (Go Paperless)

Femish School-App is the most reliable All-In-One School Management Solution your school can ever subscribe to.

It is a robust, role-based system that automates all your school processes easily, thereby reducing stress and saving costs.

The goal is to do away with the traditional approach of doing things the manual way, spending alot of money on paper work and then embrace the modern way of getting the same things done but in a faster, stress-free and cost-efficient way. Hence, the term (Go Paperless).

Benefits of Femish School-App to School Owners

1. Track Financial Status across different locations at a glance

2. Know the number of students/pupils in each school location at a glance

3. Don't have to be in the school to know what's going on

4. Eliminate/Reduce paper work and money spent on printers

5. Improve income and staff productivity

Benefits of Femish School-App to Teachers

1. Can work anywhere, anytime

2. Stress-free assessment computation

3. Calculations and comments are automated

4. Student result and Broadsheets ready in the twinkle of an eye

Benefits of Femish School-App to Parents

1. Track child/children academic performance status at a glance

2. View invoices, payments and receipts for each of their children

3. Communicate with the school via the platform

4. View their children results electronically

We have subscribers from different states in Nigeria. Don't be left behind, contact us today and "Go Paperless".